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Professional Simulator Seat

Drivers seat and mounts, designed for SimuRide Pro.
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The Professional Simulator seat, has mounts for 3 monitor displays, steering wheel, pedals, gear shifter and computer tower; (The Pro Simulator Seat does not come with controls or monitors)  The drivers seat is adjustable, to accommodate users.


The Professional Simulator Seat is a metal structure that lifts your entire simulator up off the floor and brings all your equipment together. This includes supports to hold three computer monitors up to 24″ each, holders for the computer, keyboard, mouse, steering wheel, gear shifter and the pedal base.

This item is sold separately from the software and steering hardware and is not required to run the program, but is suggested for display and comfort purposes. Size/weight 54x48x48x” 170 lbs (140x122x122 cm 70 kg).

The simulator frame (with a seat) is a custom made product, therefore the delivery can be postponed up to 3 weeks.
Our new designed cockpit has 2 wheels at the front and can be moved easily by one person, exactly as a wheelbarrow.


Purchase the simulator seat here: http://aplusbsoftware.com/software/professional-simulator-seat-aplb-s/


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