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Road Rules - US and Canada Driving Test

Study for your learners permit with our practice exam and review software
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            Whether you a young student who's never driven before, or an experienced driver, driving in unfamiliar territory; "Road Rules - US & Canada Driving Test" is just the program that will help you learn the rules of the road.  Road Rules is an excellent, alternate or supplemental study tool for all those inexperienced drivers currently enrolled in a driving school.                                                                          
            And if you're planning a trip to another state or PROVINCE you've never been before, but plan to drive while you're there; "Road Rules - US & Canada Driving Test" will help teach you about the rules and restrictions of that area.  This way you can drive, assured that you're driving safely, and that you're abiding all the local driving regulations. Road Rules is programmed to accommodate a wide variety of different languages.  


Purchase Road Rules: US and Canada Driving Test here: http://aplusbsoftware.com/software/road-rules-cd/


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